Medical and surgical aesthetic treatments, as we perceive them, involve making less, more.

NATURALNESS as the hallmark of our treatments.

From a minimally invasive procedure, with excellent recovery that allows you to resume your life right after the treatment, we aim to bring out your best self.

We don’t aim to alter your features or lead you to believe that aesthetic medicine can unrealistically turn back the clock. Instead, our goal is to enhance your natural beauty. Enhancing skin texture, highlighting cheekbones or lips, addressing under-eye circles, dispelling the “angry face” appearance—subtle enhancements that provide a fresher, more rested, and radiant look. Additionally, through these techniques, we can correct facial asymmetries, sequelae of facial paralysis, among other things.

The keys lie in volume, tension, and muscular control. The fundamental tools encompass botulinum toxin (Botox™️), hyaluronic acid, and collagen precursor products. The secret to success lies in our experience and familiarity with the facial territory in which we have been working for over 15 years.

At BestYou by Instituto Facial, we offer the finest facial aesthetic medicine treatments in the heart of Córdoba (Sapin). Get in touch with us for more information.

Facial Plastic Surgery in the center of Córdoba (Spain)

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